COVID-19 Turbo UV Sanitizer Request

NCTTRAC is in the process of purchasing and distributing Turbo-UV room sanitizing devices funded by the Local Projects Grant (LPG) for TSA-E.  There are a limited number of units available and they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.  As the funding is provided by the LPG, recipients are limited to DSHS licensed EMS and Licensed First Responder organizations.  Dentist, Primary Care etc. are not eligible for this program.  The application for a Turbo-UV can be found HERE.  A NCTTRAC representative will contact you if and when we have a unit for you to pick up.  Both a signed Asset Transfer Form and LPG Form are required prior to release.  Both forms can be signed and emailed to or signed by and authorized signer at the time of pickup.  The Asset Transfer Form will be signed at the time of pickup.

NCTTRAC Distribution & Implementation Plan – FY21 Local Projects Grant (LPG)

I.  Goals
      1. FY21 LPG funded equipment shall support the following program goals:
      2. Provide Turbo-UV™ Room Sanitizers to pre-hospital medical providers in TSA-E
      3. Support EMS provider efforts to maintain a healthy, safe and sanitized environment mitigating transmission of communicable diseases to patients and personnel
      4. Establish procedures for the asset distribution, management and disposition of regionally purchased Turbo-UV™ Room Sanitizers
II. Description / Distribution of Asset
      1. Turbo-UV™ Room Sanitizers are capable of safely sanitizing small room environments using UVC energy in as little as 10 minutes. UVC has been long proven in independent laboratory testing to successfully sanitize small spaces and environs.
      2. The Turbo-UV™ Room Sanitizers will be distributed on a first come, first served basis to DSHS-licensed EMS agencies operating in TSA-E.
      3. Receiving agencies shall complete and sign a NCTTRAC Property Transfer Form prior to receipt.
      4. NCTTRAC Logistics will contact the receiving agency to schedule pick-up when items are available.
      5. Surplus sanitizers shall be distributed per EMS Committee recommendations and NCTTRAC Board of Directors approval.
      6. Receiving agencies shall work directly with the manufacturer for the replacement and/or repair of damaged or malfunctioning equipment.
Contact Information:


Mobile Room Sanitizing Apparatus


III. Asset Disposition

If the Turbo-UV™ Room Sanitizer is no longer needed or becomes inoperable, the receiving agency shall request asset disposition approval and instructions in writing from NCTTRAC.