Performance Measures

To meet the HPP Healthcare Coalition capability requirements, HPP subrecipient hospitals are encouraged to complete a series of performance measures to be eligible to receive benefit of regional projects. The erformance measures include:

  • HPP End of Year Assessment
  • Annual Hazard Vulnerability (HVA) Submission
  • Annual submission of inventory of HPP-provided equipment and supplies
  • Quarterly communications drill participation
  • No-Notice Available Bed Reporting
  • Participation in a regional functional-level exercise with submission of appropriate After Action Report documentation to NCTTRAC.

For Additional Information Contact:

Jessica Dupree, Dr.PH(c), CPH, CHES
Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Manager
North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council
600 Six Flags Drive, Suite 150
Arlington, Texas 76011
Office: 817.607.7003
Fax: 817.608.0399

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