COVID-19 Test Kit Request

Below is ADDITIONAL information and STEPS on how to receive the FREE COVID-19 test kits (BinaxNOW) through NCTTRAC:

Per the attached CMS guidance (QSO-20-38-NH), if a non-emergency medical transport company is providing transport services under contract with a  nursing facility, transport personnel must be tested for COVID-19 at the same frequency as the nursing facility staff.   


To assist EMS agencies in developing a COVID-19 testing program to help meet this requirement, NCTTRAC is distributing free COVID-19 test kits to DSHS licensed EMS agencies in TSA-C, D, and E that provide non-emergency transport services under contract with a nursing facility


To receive your free COVID-19 test kits, EMS agencies must complete the following requirements:


STEP ONE:      Register your agency as a “Test Site” by completing the attached TxRapidTest New Site Request spreadsheet and send it to  Your agency will be notified once their registration is complete.


STEP TWO:     Identify your agency’s Test Administrator by having that individual go to and complete the BinaxNOW Training Module (Binax – 200) which is currently on the home page.  This 15 minute program explains how to use the test and how to use the web app to register each employee and track their testing.  This is critical to this program of free testing that everyone who gets tested MUST be logged into the App for accurate testing counts. 

            ***You must send a copy of the completed training certificate to  for verification purposes***


STEP THREE:     Order boxes of BinaxNOW at via the link on this page.  If you’ve already submitted your request prior to receiving this email, you will need to complete STEPS ONE and TWO above before your order can be filled.


NOTE:  The boxes come 40 tests per box and 16 boxes per case.  If testing at more than one location, you’ll need to order an appropriate number of boxes.  Each box has 40 tests, but only ONE reagent bottle so you cannot split a box between multiple locations.  EMS Agencies should order enough kits necessary to test transport personnel 2-4 times per week for up to 12 weeks.  Example:  20 Transport Personnel x 4 test kits per week x 12 weeks = 960 test kits  Requests for additional test kits should be made in no less than 12 week intervals, but in advance of an agency exhausting their supply.  This project is intended to supply enough test kits for a three- month period per submission, please plan accordingly.


Follow this link to the Request form for TSA-E.


For EMS agencies in TSA-C or D,  please email Toby Harbuck at in TSA-D or Shane Comer at in TSA-C.