clinical EDUCATION

NCTTRAC provides educational opportunities to enhance the knowledge, skills, and practices of Emergency Healthcare professionals in order to promote a system of quality trauma, acute, and emergency healthcare and preparedness in North Central Texas.

See our upcoming courses/events below:

2020 February 12 & 13: Bob Page Seminar (Registration Closed)

2020 February 17 & 18: Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) Review Course  (Registration Closed)

2020 February 27: Dynamics of Domestic Violence for Medical Professionals  REGISTER HERE

2020 March 20: Designated Infection Control Officer Course REGISTER HERE

2020 March 24: NCTTRAC General Membership Meeting (Continuing Education) REGISTER HERE

2020 March 27: Trauma Outcomes & Performance Improvement Course (TOPIC) (Registration Pending)

2020 April 2 & 3: The S.T.A.B.L.E. Instructor Course  (Registration Closed)

2020 April 15: NCTTRAC Cardiac Committee Symposium – Follow Your Heart: Risk Factors to Recovery  REGISTER HERE

2020 May 7: NCTTRAC Stroke System of Care Symposium  REGISTER HERE

2020 May 19: Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) Review Course  REGISTER HERE

2020 June 18: Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN) Exam Preparation Course  REGISTER HERE

2020 July 9: Trauma Outcomes & Performance Improvement Course (TOPIC)  (Registration Pending)