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Membership Benefits

NCTTRAC Members benefit from a regional, multidisciplinary perspective which makes each member’s area of practice stronger.

NCTTRAC Provides:

  • Access to the Member Account Management Platform powered by GrowthZone
  • Subject Matter Experts for DSHS activities as related to EMS/Trauma/Acute Care and the workings of the emergency healthcare systems
  • Help with questions regarding EMS licensure, CMS Rule Changes and DSHS requirements for EMS providers, first responders (FROs) and personnel
  • Assist facilities with questions related to trauma, stroke, cardiac and neonatal designation with DSHS; where those programs are in the pipeline, what they should be doing, who they need to talk to; and act as a liaison for both sides
  • Onsite support at meetings and/or designation surveys
  • Advocacy for our members individually and as a region
  • Legislative information to members on relative bills
  • Support for Board of Director and Committee activities such as requests, surveys and needs assessments, writing and editing documents and communications.

For more information regarding Membership, contact NCTTRAC Administration at or 817-607-0390.

How To Become a Member

Becoming a member of NCTTRAC is a three (3) step process.

1. Complete the application via MemberHub.  Contact NCTTRAC Admin at 817.608.0399 or for more information.

2. Pay all applicable dues in full.  Payment can completed with a credit card in the application, ACH, or via check remitted to

600 Six Flags Drive, Ste 160
Arlington, TX 76011

3. Receive approval from the NCTTRAC Board of Directors.

Membership FAQs



Who can become a member of NCTTRAC?

NCTTRAC Membership is open to Hospitals, Medical Facilities, EMS Providers (Air & Ground), First Responder Organizations, Schools/Colleges, Physician’s Groups, and Professional Associations.

Is Membership mandatory?

The Texas Administrative Code (Chapter 157) requires that Trauma (Including IAP), Stroke, and Neonatal designated hospitals Actively Participates on the appropriate Regional Advisory Council (RAC). Additionally, EMS providers wishing to receive EMS County Funding must maintain NCTTRAC Membership in Good Standing.

When does my membership expire?

The NCTTRAC Membership fiscal year is September 1st – August 31st.  Renewal notices are emailed and mailed out in July of each year to the attention of the Authorized Signature and the Primary Voting Representatives.

What does “Active Participation” and “Member in Good Standing” mean?

NCTTRAC Membership is broken down into two parts.

  1. Member in Good Standing
  2. Active Participation

Membership in Good Standing criteria is submitting a completed membership application, payment in full of membership dues, and approval by the NCTTRAC Board of Directors. Active Participation requires that the member meet all participation criteria, as defined in Section 3 of the Membership & Participation Standard Operating Procedure.

Who is my organizations Member representative?

NCTTRAC Members may delegate multiple people as representatives. To view your organizations current delegation list click the MEMBERSHIP STATUS link above.

  • Authorized Signatory – The Authorized Signatory must be a Chief or Executive   within the organization that has authority to make decisions on the member’s   behalf. The Authorized Signatory appoints the NCTTRAC Primary Voting Representative.
  • Primary Voting Representative– This is the only person within your member   organization that may participate in votes pertaining to Bylaws, Officer Elections,   Regional Plans, and the Membership & Participation SOP.  The Primary Voting Representative may delegate other organization representatives to specific   committees.
  • Delegated Voting Representatives – Appointed by the Primary Voting Representative, these individuals are delegated to participation in committee   level votes. Such as reviewing and/or updating a regional plan. However, they   may not vote on the overall approval of the plan.
Agreements and Amendments FAQs
Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and/or Regional Programs Participation Agreement (RPPA):
  1. My organization’s attorney reviewed the BAA and/or the RPPA.  Who should they direct their questions to?
    • Contact NCTTRAC Emergency Healthcare Systems Manager, Jim Dickerson, by phone at 817-607-7017 or by email at
  2. My organization’s attorney reviewed the amendments and wants to know more about the “third party regional registries or other entities for reporting, tracking, locating, and data analysis purposes related to improving public health (e.g., finding and locating family members during natural disasters, decreasing morbidity and mortality, etc.)” that NCTTRAC will be sharing PHI and SPI with.
    • The agreements are being provided to allow your agency to participate in any future third party registry opportunities (CARES, ASN, etc.) should they become available AND to allow your agency to participate in patient tracking and family reunification tools currently available through NCTTRAC purchased and supported crisis applications (WebEOC).
    • NCTTRAC does not currently require EMS member organizations to report their data to any registry. The opportunity may exist in the future for EMS agencies to provide data to the Cardiac Arrest Registry for Enhanced Survival (CARES) or Analytics Solution Network (ASN), a third-party registry service that we may purchase to allow EMS agencies to upload data for the purpose of identifying and sharing best practices from a regional standpoint with regard to lowering morbidity and mortality.
    • With regard to finding and locating family members, NCTTRAC provides access to WebEOC where agencies may choose to use different boards for such purposes, specifically the NCTTRAC Regional Patient Tracking Toolkit which is designed to work in a disaster or mass casualty or family reunification event with limited PHI.
  3. The first sentence of the RPPA states May ____, 2019 as the effective date of the agreement. Is this an error? If so, how should I fill this in?
    • The May ____, 2019 is an administrative oversight, please strike the date, initial it, and fill it in with today’s date.
Asset Transfer Agreement
  1. My organization’s attorney reviewed the Asset Transfer Agreement and has questions. Who should I contact?
    • Contact NCTTRAC Comptroller & Resource Manager, Ken Gilliam, by phone at 817-607-7019 or by email at
  2. How do I complete the Asset Transfer Agreement?
    • Your Organization’s Authorized Signatory should complete the first two pages of the agreement and submit with the Membership Application.
  3. Does the Asset Agreement expire?
    • The Asset Agreement is a one-time agreement. The last page is updated as assets are transferred between your organization and NCTTRAC.
  1. Where do I send my completed documents?

NCTTRAC C/O Membership
600 Six Flag Dr., Ste. 160
Arlington, TX 76011

  1. How can I pay my dues?
    • Membership dues can be paid by check remitted to NCTTRAC or via our Stripe payment gateway.  Please email to request a link.
  2. I have a question about the membership application. Who should I contact?
    • NCTTRAC Administration can help you with your membership questions and can be reached at 817-608-0390 or by email at