Perinatal Committee

The Perinatal Committee is responsible for the development of a Perinatal Region of Care (PCR) in Trauma Service Area (TSA)-E including the Perinatal Care Regional (PCR) System Plan. The committee will provide guidance in the development and review of hospital and pre-hospital assessment tools, regional plans and treatment guidelines, and the committee SOP. Additionally, the committee will liaison with other NCTTRAC committees, professional associations appropriate to the service line, and the Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC).


Committee Responsibilities & Representation

The following provides a continuation of the committee responsibilities to the PCR-E region:

1.1. Create and/or maintain collaborative relationships to facilitate optimal maternal and neonatal care.
1.2. Establish standardized reporting tools for data acquisition.
1.3. Develop and review system performance standards.
1.4. Review, evaluate and report hospital-based maternal and neonatal data in a de-identified manner.
1.5. Create best practices through shared quality improvement data and processes
1.6. Collaborate with other Perinatal Committees statewide.
1.7. Serve as a source to identify perinatal expert resources available in PCR-E to members and community partners.


Please use the button below to view the current Committee Standard Operating Procedures (SOP):


Please use the button below to view the current committee projects and assignments via the Accountability Scorecard:


Committee Voting Representatives

In accordance with NCTTRAC Bylaws Article IX, there is a voting core group identified within the Perinatal Committee. The committee voting core group shall be comprised of Maternal and Neonatal Program Managers/Coordinators, unless delegated otherwise, from Maternal and Neonatal Designated Hospitals that are NCTTRAC member organizations in good standing.


Please use the button below to view the current, updated Core Group list:


Committee-Specific Active Participation

The Perinatal Committee identifies the following to be creditable for active participation at the committee level:

  • Attendance is a prerequisite to meaningful participation and as such, the Perinatal Committee requires documented attendance of 75% of committee meetings and/or workgroups by the primary and/or identified alternate organization/agency representative.
    • Virtual attendees are highly encouraged to utilize video capabilities where available to facilitate meaningful discussion and participation in NCTTRAC meetings and events.
  • Meet committee requirements for position-specific attendance; the following identified organization representatives listed below will collaborate to meet 75% of perinatal meeting attendance rate:
    • Maternal/Neonatal Program Managers
    • Maternal/Neonatal Medical Directors
    • Delegated/Alternate Voting Representatives, as documented.
  • Each member organization will have 100% participation in at least one of the NCTTRAC SMART goals surveys.
    • For members with a capable registry, evidence of data submission to outsourced data reporting service on a quarterly basis to be provided to NCTTRAC.
Chiefs and Executives Dashboard

Members can utilize the NCTTRAC Chiefs and Executives Dashboard to review the overall performance of their respective member organization; including information on the following:

  • Organization’s Membership
  • Active Participation Status
  • Attendance in committee meetings
  • Participation in data submission requests
  • Status of different agreements and contracts

Additionally, member organizations can view their individual participation/performance status and compare their own performance against other member organizations throughout TSA-E.


Chiefs and Executives Dashboard
Subcommittee, Workgroups, & Taskforces

The following are the current subcommittees, workgroups, and/or taskforces in effect for any committee related projects or initiatives:


SMART Goal Workgroup

The workgroup meeting Bimonthly, every Third Friday of the month from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM.


  • Assist committee with evaluating regional data, identifying data needs and/or requirements. 
  • Review, evaluate, and recommend to the Perinatal Committee referrals and tools. 
  • Share education, information, and best practices related to the following:
    • Texas Alliance Innovation Maternal Health (TexasAIM)
    • Texas Collaborative for Healthy Mothers and Babies (TCHMB)
    • Perinatal Care Region/Regional Advisory Council Alliance (PCR/RAC Alliance)
    • Perinatal Advisory Council (PAC).  
  • Current projects include:
    • Newborn Admission Temperature Summary Report
    • Maternal Severe Hypertension Summary Report

Committee Plans, Guidelines, & Documents

Data Initiatives

The following are the current data initiatives in effect for the committee:


Maternal Severe Hypertension (MSH) Project

The Perinatal Committee developed this maternal goal to identify current practices in treatment times for Severe Hypertension in Maternal patients, as well as a brief inquiry in follow-up care. Through this limited data gathering initiative, the NCTTRAC Perinatal Committee will be able to:

–  Conduct gap analyses

–   Identify areas for improvement

–   Improve care and outcomes for maternal patients.

Gap analysis findings will be presented to the committee and any other stakeholder with an interest in improving patient outcomes.

Maternal Severe Hypertension (MSH) Survey Link MSH Survey Participation Dashboard  



Newborn Admission Temperature (NAT) Project

The Perinatal Committee created the Newborn Admission Temperature (NAT) initiative to increase the proportion of newborn infants with admission temperatures within normal limits through the implementation of best practices.

Follow the links below for further information of current committee member participation.

Newborn Admission Temperature (NAT) Survey Link NAT Survey Participation Dashboard



The Texas Collaborative for Healthy Mothers and Babies (TCHMB) adopted this initiative statewide and assisted in  state data integration with PCR-E neonatal facilities’ data.


TCHMB NAT Project Webpage 



Regional Projects

The following are the current regional projects in effect for the committee:


Perinatal Interfacility Transfer (IFT) Resource Document


The Perinatal Committee developed this poster to serve as a reference for Level I and II Perinatal designated facilities to utilize in the appropriate transfer of Neonatal and Maternal patients within the PCR-E region to higher level of care facilities (Level IIIs and IVs). Providers are encouraged to have this poster placed throughout agencies and facilities (e.g., back of the ambulance, nurses stations, etc.) for quick access.

The Maternal and Neonatal-specific IFT Resource Documents can be found under the   “Committee Plans, Guidelines, & Documents” section for download.

Additionally, if you would like further detailed information on real time statuses of all regional medical capabilities, please visit EMResource.

 EMResource Login Page  



Education & Learning Management System (LMS)

The following are the current education courses and Learning Management System (LMS) modules specific to the committee:


Perinatal Care Regional (PCR) System Plan 


Please reference the “Committee Plans, Guidelines, & Documents” section for the updated FY24 plan. The plan can also be viewed through our Learning Management System (LMS).


LMS Module Link  –  PCR System Plan 


NCTTRAC also provides educational opportunities to enhance the knowledge, skills, and best practices of emergency healthcare professionals in order to promote a system of quality care in North Central Texas. Please utilize the NCTTRAC Education Station to review internal and external course options:

NCTTRAC Education Station 
Designation Survey Support

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) designations in Maternal, Neonatal, Stroke, and Trauma require that the hospital applicant show they are “active participants” in the local RAC’s system of care in which they seek designation. The NCTTRAC General Membership has set this standard to include requirements that these hospitals must be approved members of the RAC, must participate in any performance improvement initiative requested, and submit data as requested for various Committee and Regional assessments.



To request a RAC Letter of Participation for your upcoming Designation Survey, please utilize the Support Ticket System:

NCTTRAC Support Ticket System  –  RAC Participation Letter Request

For further information regarding Designation Support, please visit the Designation Support Webpage:

Designation Support Webpage


For further information regarding DSHS Designations, please visit the each DSHS Designations’ Webpage:

DSHS Maternal Designation Webpage
DSHS Neonatal Designation Webpage



Perinatal Committee Leadership



Committee Chair


Dr. David Nelson

September 2023 – August 2024



Committee Chair Elect


Dr. Roopina Sangha

September 2023 – August 2024



Committee co-medical directors


Dr. Theresa Patton

Dr. Christina Chan





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Primary Committee Staff Support:


Christina Gomez

EHS Education & Training Coordinator

Direct: 817.602.8252

NCTTRAC Main: 817.608.0390