Legislative Affairs

Welcome to the NCTTRAC Legislative Affairs page.  By clicking the Legislative Affairs page link, you must already be aware of the importance of ongoing Trauma and EMS funding.  Funding for the Texas Trauma System has historically been comprised of several different funds piecemealed together over the course of a decade.  However, funding has remained relatively stagnant over the years, despite a 63% population increase since the legislature created the system.

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Texas EMS Trauma & Acute Care Foundation

The Texas EMS Trauma & Acute Care Foundation (TETAF) is a non-profit organization providing many benefits to its member Regional Advisory Councils (RACs), including NCTTRAC. One benefit is that of an advocacy clearinghouse for information on the current Texas legislative session, helping to identify bills of interest to NCTTRAC members. One method of disseminating this information is through the TETAF Legislative Watch, which are available for download below. Additionally, to receive notification of relevant committee meetings and other time sensitive information directly, please considering joining the TETAF email list. The request is at the bottom of each webpage at www.TETAF.org.