Prehospital Transfusion Program

Prehospital Transfusion Program

Prehospital Transfusion Program



NCTTRAC has developed a regional system performance improvement initiative to make the prehospital administration of blood products available from the point of injury and/or medical need to the delivery of definitive care.  Eligible DSHS licensed EMS within TSA-E may apply to become a NCTTRAC prehospital transfusion provider site.  If selected, NCTTRAC will purchase an approved dollar amount of pre-identified prehospital transfusion equipment to assist an EMS agency in becoming a prehospital transfusion provider site.  The selected agency must complete all prescribed program requirements before receiving program assets


Program Qualifications

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Each Agency Applicant must:

  1. Maintain a Texas Department of State Health Services Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Provider License.


  1. Provide 911 services to the potential prehospital transfusion site’s designated location.

Each Agency Applicant must have met NCTTRAC Membership and Active Participation Requirements in FY23 (September 2022- August 2023) and maintain throughout FY24:


  1. Completed Membership Application
  2. Membership Dues Paid
  3. Membership Approved by NCTTRAC Board
  4. Met Active Participation Requirements:
    • Attended 6 NCTTRAC-sponsored meetings in 3 out of 4 quarters within RAC fiscal year (Sept. 1 – Aug.31)
    • Met EMS Committee specific active participation requirements for concurrent year State data submission.

Each Agency Applicant must provide documentation that the applicant agency has designated one person to be the contact person for this project. 

This person will serve as the agency’s liaison to NCTTRAC staff and the Prehospital Transfusion Workgroup. 

Each agency applicant will be required to participate in System Performance Improvement (SPI) meetings that are generated as a result of this program.

Each Agency Applicant must fully execute the following agreements upon application approval and before equipment allocation:


  1. NCTTRAC Prehospital Transfusion Program Agreement
  2. NCTTRAC Regional Programs Participation Agreement (RPPA) with relevant amendments
  3. NCTTRAC Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with relevant amendments
  4. NCTTRAC Asset Transfer Agreement
  5. Blood Supplier Agreement (Agency must request from identified Blood Supplier)

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Agreement & Application Packet Samples


Documents below are for review and reference only, not to be used for application submission.

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              Prehospital Transfusion Program Agreement                       Prehospital Transfusion Program                                                                                                                              Overview & Application


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