Take 20 For Life - Hands Only CPR

The NCTTRAC Cardiac Committee continues to support the “Take 20 for Life” Hands Only CPR Training program.  The Fort Worth Emergency Services Collaborative and MedStar have been very generous in sharing their program with NCTTRAC.  “Take 20 for Life” provides quick and easy training of hands-only CPR and use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Training kits have been distributed to hospitals and EMS agencies throughout our Trauma Service Area for healthcare professionals to teach their communities.  Kits can also be “checked out” to train fellow community members and returned to the designated host.  The kits are very lightweight and contain an instructional DVD video, 20 foam pads for compression practice, and a resource booklet.  All in all, 20 minutes to train 20 people!  Contact information for the Cardiac Committee Chair can be found HERE.

Heart Safe Community Program

The Heart Safe Community Program is designed to recognize the efforts a community makes to its citizens in protecting them from the effects of heart disease and sudden death by evaluating different aspects of the system as a whole.

Recognition requires a multi-disciplinary team approach to review and complete the components of the Heart Safe Community Program. Communities that successfully complete the application process are eligible to display the NCTTRAC Heart Safe Community Street signs throughout their communities. Become recognized as a Heart Safe Community and have an impact on a new program in Texas that will lead to saving lives. For more information, visit the HEART Safe Community Workgroup page.

CO Detectors Program

A Patient and Crew safety initiative. A NCTTRAC Local Projects Grant initiative funded by the LPG (local projects grant).

RDC - Regional Data Collaborative

The Regional Data Collaborative is a data registry. This platform represents the combined efforts of participating RAC’s to improve the quality of not only their care to the stroke and STEMI patients of their region through improved data collection and analysis; but also thereby raising the bar for the entire state of Texas.

20 for Life



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