NCTTRAC Warehouse

In-bound/Out-bound Transfers & Deliveries by appointment only.

Warehouse Office

Role of Department
  • Maintain medical supplies in a certified warehouse in Arlington, TX (22,800 Square Feet)
  • Maintain caches for various contingencies in the region including Pandemic, Radiological events, CBRNE, Bariatric, and Mass Casualty
  • Maintain EMTF-2 assets and ensure operational capability
  • Conduct procurement of medical emergency response supplies for regional partners
  • Coordinate region’s accounting of supplies and equipment purchased through HPP funds by collecting GC-11 forms, organizing, and submitting to DSHS every year and/or as requested by DSHS  State of Texas State Property Accounting Users Guide, Appendix (A)
Warehouse Facts
  • Radiological detection and identification cache
  • Medical Evacuation equipment cache
  • Mass Fatality equipment cache
  • 12 trailers, 3 mobile generators, 2 prime mover trucks
  • Mobile Satellite communications kits
  • HAM and public safety radios and antennas
  • Licensed by Texas Department of State Health Services as a non-pharmaceutical and Medical Device Distributor with medical gas license