The NCTTRAC warehouse is located at the address below.  Deliveries are accepted on Wednesdays or by appointment only.
4408 Barnett Blvd.
Arlington, TX 76017

Logistics and Transportation Supervisor

Victor Reyes

To request a replacement for previously issued emergency response supplies, please contact Victor Reyes (vreyes@ncttrac.org)
Role of Logistics Department
  • Maintain $3.5M medical supplies certified warehouse in south Arlington (22,800 Square Feet)
  • Maintain caches for various contingencies in the region including pandemic (HID), Radiological events, CBRNE, Bariatric, Mass Casualty, and EMTF support
  • Maintain EMTF-2 assets and ensure fully operational capability
  • Conduct procurement of medical emergency response supplies for regional partners
  • Coordinate region’s accounting of supplies and equipment purchased through HPP funds by collecting GC-11 forms, organizing, and submitting to DSHS every year and/or as requested by DSHS
Warehouse Facts
  • Manages over $4.2 million in inventory
  • Radiological detection and identification cache
  • Medical Evacuation equipment cache
  • Mass Fatality equipment cache
  • Over 70,000 N95 masks
  • 8 trailers and generators, with 2 prime mover trucks, 39 ventilators, 45 suction units, and 4 AEDs
  • 12 Mobile Satellite communications kits
  • HAM and public safety radios and antennas
  • Licensed by Texas Department of State Health Services as a non-pharmaceutical and Medical Device Distributor with medical gas license
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Decontamination Equipment