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13dec10:00 am12:00 pmRegional Communications Drills - December


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Due:  Friday December 13th, 2019


Redundant Communications Drill

Redundant Communications Drills are conducted to test the ability of hospitals to communicate with their local jurisdiction and with each other in the event of phone and email failure.  Agencies and hospitals who are members of the Hospital Preparedness Program are required to participate in at least one Redundant Communications Drill per quarter.  This is the second Communications Drill of Q1 of HPP Program Year 18.  Testing of redundant communications will occur Friday December 13th, from 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.

There are two methods to participate in the Communication Drill: via radio/satellite communications or via crisis applications.  Please note that facilities and agencies only need to participate using one method to receive credit for the drill.  See details below.

Radio/Satellite Communications

You can check-in via the radio or satellite communication methods described below.

  • Jurisdictional Commercial Radio – If you have a commercial radio to test as part of the monthly communications drill, please make prior arrangements with your local jurisdiction to arrange the test.  Your jurisdictional representative will need to send an email confirming the date and method that contact was made (with you copied into the email).
  • Amateur Radio – Amateur radio testing will be conducted via a directed radio net through NCTTRAC.  Please see the table below.  We will be conducting a Roll Call by county at the beginning of each group’s time slot and using Tactical Call Signs for facility identification (see attached) to aid with facility recognition. 
Amateur Radio Group & DFW-Wide Time Slots by County
Group Time Counties Frequency
A 1000 – 1030 Cooke, Wise and Denton 145.490
B 1030 – 1100 Grayson, Fannin, Collin and Hunt 145.350
C 1100 – 1130 Rockwall, Dallas, Kaufman, Ellis, Navarro, Tarrant and Johnson 442.400
D 1130 – 1200 Palo Pinto, Parker, Erath, Hood and Somervell 147.040
We will be conducting a Roll Call by county at the beginning of each group’s time slot using Tactical Call Signs  for facility identification.
  • DFW Wide – If you have a DFW-Wide system you may contact either us (using the D-DFW Wide Talkgroup) or your local jurisdiction.  If you contact your local jurisdiction then the rules for credit are the same as for the Jurisdictional Commercial Radio. DFW-Wide will check in using the assigned time slots listed in the table below by County.
  • DFW CONNCT – If you have the DFW CONNCT Overlay, you may check in with us on the NCTRG-1 Talkgroup, or you can check in with your local jurisdiction and have them email us at
  • Satellite Phones – For those testing satellite phones, contact NCTTRAC EMCC at 817-607-7020 during the drill (10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.).
  • MSAT – For those that have MSAT systems please contact NCTTRAC EMCC on the NCTTRAC talk group. Please do not use the MSAT to dial 817-607-7020 for drilling purposes.

Crisis Applications

You can check-in via crisis applications by following the steps below.  Please note that the method of crisis applications participation will vary month to month.  See the information on the NCTTRAC Website for more details regarding crisis applications participation in future months.

  1. Log-in to EMResource ( On the primary default screen find your hospital.

2. If your hospital has missing information on the main screen. Fill it in. If the service on the primary screen is something your organization does not provide. You may select “Not Provided”.

(If you are not missing any information on your default view, you may skip to step 3.)

3. Log-in to the NCTTRAC WebEOC server ( under the incident “Redundant Communications Drill – December 13th, 2019”.

4. Create a post in the Local Medical Events board stating that you filled in the missing information for your facility.  (If you are not missing information on the default view, post that you have confirmed this)

(Please note that you will not receive credit for the drill if you only create a post in WebEOC – you must fill in the your missing hospital information on the default screen to receive credit for crisis applications participation.)

If this message was forwarded to you and you feel you should be receiving a copy of this message please send a request to to be added to the appropriate distribution list.


If you have questions or concerns about frequencies or how this drill will be conducted, please contact  prior to the drill.


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